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It took Vision...


Mpala Events Conference Center

It took Vision..

We have been blessed with very talented people who share our Vision, and continue to grow in that manner. We sort out a location and no one could foretell what we had in store for a junk yard that turned into one of the premier Events and conference locations in Bulawayo. 

We worked tirelessly to make this dream happen, with many ups and downs during the construction and we built an outstanding wedding & events centre with impeccable gardens, individualized wedding decor, a gorgeous scenery and an expansive centre able to accommodate up to 1000 people. We are relentless with our Visions, for our team as well as making your events a success.


Our team has so much passion in our projects and we do not shy away from bridezillas or other clients who have a vision of their own.



Mpala Events & Decor

Mpala Decor

"Premier Dining

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