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What Everyone Is Saying About Us

We are blessed to have been very successful with our events, however, success can be determined in many ways.

We measure the success of our events by repeat business from our clients, their reviews as well as their referrals.


Here is what a few of them had to say about us.


Matebeleland Region

Bulawayo Brides!!!!!! Check out this venue! It won't disappoint...

"the game changer on the wedding scene"

MECC throws "...a Las Vegas night like no other!"

"**4.5 Stars.**" One of the top 5 B&B's and or Boutique Hotels in BYO!

When you make a reservation in a country that is 23 hrs away from home, you just hope it goes well. And it did!

"Sprawling grounds make for perfect outdoor ceremony..."

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